The whole idea of putting on two different boots on at the same time has shown to work out well when showing off the small details and flexibility of the boot. Above is the playlist I have built showing off twenty different boots. Almost all of them are the same outside of a few details. wedge sole boots to logger boots they all have a special look and purpose. Sometimes the best way to point that out is to show them off right next to each other. Below you will find two of my personal favorite videos.


I really liked filming this one. My buddy who almost got canned for letting me use his work site on a Sunday to film. He caught a lot of heat for this.Turns out the safety director didn’t appreciate being left out of the loop. The funny part is how he found out.  A week after I uploaded this video to youtube he came across it while sitting in a sears store trying on boots. He called my buddy into the trailer and chewed him out. After 10 minutes of OSHA bullshit and personal insurance mumbo-jumbo.They came to an agreement that the next time I need to use a worksite for a video project that I would use the safety guy as my model.



What’s not to like when it comes to warm weather tactical boots. Both are made in the USA. Both are ultra lite in terms of physical weight.


  1. I really like the looks of the Thorogood 814-4200 moc-toe work boot. I think it can even be worn as a casual boot, and I’m more interested in casual wear in general of boots, since I don’t work in boots for a living. I love the cream-colored wedge sole, and believe these types of boots are catching on across the world as a male fashion statement, about which I am really excited. I have many pics of these moc-style boots on my Pinterest site, where these boots are worn as casual every day boots. The cream-colored soles add a flair to the boots, which help define their look, including the look of a dapper gentleman. These boots have been relegated to the work wear world for too long, and I’m really glad that they’re breaking out to be worn as casual boots, which one should maintain to keep their new appearance. Also, with time, these boots develop a nice worn patina look, which looks very authentic from older times.

  2. Hey Guys in Boots,

    on my last visit in Marietta/Ohio I bought one fabulous Pair of Carolina 10″ Insulated Steel Toe Logger CA7519. I swear you, they are like a slipper on my feet. Super comfortable and perfect fit. Nice ans smooth leather and the Lining is like cotton. The big fat rubbersole gives a wonderful grip. I wear them every time I can. Thanks Bootguy for the good video on those boots, I’m really glad I bought them. I can’t get these in Germany, what is actually boring, becouse a lot more germans would buy and wear them if they knew about Carolinas.
    So enjoy your’s and get some.
    Greetings, Dominik


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