It seems that every time I flip through my Instagram I see more and more dress boots that look like classic work boots. Most just copy the classic wedge sole design but others have venture out into the world of loggers and pull-on western styles. There is something truly funny about a blown rubber logger sole. I wonder if anyone in the production or design department even understands material sciences at all. Hell,just this past week I made a trip to the mall with my niece and nephew and was dragged into a store called 21 forever. For the record, I hate the mall. I see it as the Disneyland of consumerism. But I do understand the social aspect of the mall. It is a real important place for young and older people to gather and socialize. Everything in 21 forever was imported and the men’s size scale ran from 28″ to 34″ in all the jeans. Not a store for men. But they did have a few work boot knock offs. Thorogood,Danner and Chippewa to be more to the point.  I was not surprised. the trend in work looking footwear is exploding . It Is only a matter of time before some small manufacturing company knocks off every popular style that’s out there. In hindsight, I wish I would have taken a few photos of the boots. Next time I run into a copy/knock off I will snap a few photos and do a layout comparison of the pros and cons of knockoffs. Not that anyone reading or looking at my site would buy a cheap knock off pair of boots. but just so we all can have a good chuckle.

let us get to the Chippewa


The Brown Bomber Mountaineer Mocc Toe Field is a 6-inch tall Men’s boot with a Mocc toe. It has wrapped cushion Texon® insoles. This style is proudly Handcrafted in the USA with imported materials.






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